Diet Delights Catering


We cater all kinds of special occasions & corporate events like private parties, birthdays, events, exhibitions, conferences, banquets and organizations like school canteens, summer camps, hospitals, nurseries…

Spoil your cherished ones with healthy fulfilling and savory dishes

A hint of what you can order from our Special Catering Menu:

🎉 Salads

Mango chicken, Thai shrimp noodle, Caesar chicken, Salmocado…

🎉Appetizers’ Delights

Mouaajanet, Spring rolls, Cheese rolls, Mini kebbeh…

🎉 Quiches Delights

Salmon & leek, Asparagus, Spinach Chicken, Goat cheese & figs…

🎉 Mains

Roast veal with potatoes & vegetables, Seafood Paella, Tresse de saumon, Shrimp Curry, Gigot et riz…

🎉 Desserts

Light Knefeh, Monte Cristo Chocolate, Buche de Noel, Exotic Tart, Parfait chocolat, Maamoul Mad, Oriental Delights… .

Place your order now by calling us on:

📞 Zalka branch:

04 724 824 / 70 191 000

📞 Achrafieh branch:

01 325 925 / 79 191 000


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Corporate Deal

The main aim for the companies is to provide their employees with healthy food and healthy eating behavior for a better well-being and quality of life which will INCREASE their PRODUCTIVITY.

Nutrition powering your busy schedule! Convenient, customizable lunches tailored to your dietary needs

Ask for our Executive Lunch package, boost your workdays with delicious healthy meals and nourish your success!