Kids Delights

First Nutrition Center for Kids

Nutrition is important for everyone, but it is essential for children since it plays a major role in their growth, development, and health in the future.

Kids Delights is the first project to raise awareness about healthy eating habits, physical activity and obesity for children in Lebanon and Qatar. After studying the market, we decided it was time to launch a center that meets the specific nutritional needs of school-age children.

Getting the proper amount of calories and nutrients is critical for children for a better performance in terms of brain and physical activity. Their needs may differ depending on age, gender, and activity level.

As a team we understand that your main concern is the health and well-being of your children. That is why we are pleased to offer our different services.

Preparing meals for kids can be tricky especially when you have picky eaters. Finding ways for healthy school lunch ideas and fun nutritious food that are exciting can be a real challenge. Parents know that instilling healthy eating habits starts early and requires creativity.

No time to prepare healthy food for your little ones? Struggling with picky eaters?

Ask for our Kids Delights Catering by calling us on:

📞 Zalka branch: 04 724 824 / 70 191 000

📞 Achrafieh branch: 01 325 925 / 79 191 000

Kids Delights Services:


Schools canteens are a powerful educational means, guiding the children’s healthy food choices since early age.


Our dietitians will assess your child’s growth pattern, discuss his eating habits and provide his full nutritional needs


Your private and public events (birthdays, dinners, entertainment etc…) can be both healthy and delicious!


A formula of fresh, well balanced and tasty meals delivered to your kids at home, school, summer camps and birthday parties.

Subscribe now to our Kids Delights School Box program to be delivered to your doorstep by calling any of our branches

  1. Freshly home-made
  2. Nutritious
  3. Flavorful
  4. Free of artificial ingredients nor artificial sweeteners
  5. Free of frying
  6. Child-centered menu