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The most advanced technology in body composition 1st time in Lebanon & only at our Clinic

☑️ The InBody 970 is the highest quality- Medical Grade – #1 body composition analyzer available worldwide.

☑️ The InBody 970 provides a wealth of information accross multiple result sheets.

☑️ The InBody 970 is used to gather in-depth research dara and to deliver evidence-based insights

☑️ Be among the first to try the InBody 970 that is now only available in our clinic across Lebanon.

A high-quality body composition device designed for medical and fitness professionals, the InBody 970 goes beyond standard outputs, providing a wealth of information across multiple Result Sheets.

  • Assesses segmented body composition fat, muscles, water, visceral and subcutaneous fat
  • Assesses phase angle (cell health)
  • Segmental water retention status

☑ Direct Segmental Measurements

Get accurate, precise measurements for each individual segment of your body. Our BIA technology provides custom outputs that show your body’s muscle sufficiency percentage and how your body composition compares to others of the same height and gender.

☑ Comprehensive Results

See what you’re made of. Contrast separate Result Sheets for Body Composition, Body Water, Evaluation, Research, Comparison, and more, and learn how to create a foundation for long-term health.

☑ Multi-Industry Versatility

Use the InBody 970’s next-generation biometrics to enhance your medical practice or personal training business. Customize your InBody 970 experience for your professional needs, using its extensive menu of outputs.

Standard Outputs

Weight, Total Body Water, Protein, Minerals, Body Fat Mass, Soft Lean Mass, Fat-Free Mass, Muscle-Fat Analysis, Obesity Analysis, Segmental Lean Analysis, Segmental Fat Analysis, Segmental ICW Analysis, Segmental ECW Analysis, ECW Ratio Analysis, Body Composition History, InBody Score, Visceral Fat Area, Weight Control, Body Type, Nutrition Evaluation, Obesity Evaluation, Body Balance Evaluation, Waist-Hip Ratio, Visceral Fat Level, Results Interpretation QR Code, QR Code, Segmental Phase Angle, Whole Body Phase Angle, and Impedance.

Result Sheets

Body Composition, Body Water, Research, Comparison, Age-Specific Evaluation, Children, Visceral Fat.




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