Our Clinics

Diet Delights has a high tech clinic with a resident nutritionist and dietitian that offer certified consultation to our clients who wish to pursue an explicit healthy standard of living. With our dietitian, you receive a complete nutritional assessment, including measurement of your body fat, muscle, and water, through use of a segmental body composition analyzer. After your assessment, your personal healthy meal plan is developed to meet all goals and needs. You meet with our dietitian on a regular basis. At each follow up, you are assessed in order to monitor your improvement. Your comments and feedback are also discussed. A group of Professional and Competent dietitians is supervised by our Head dietitian Mrs. Magdalena Roumy Yammine.

Making your diet experience a pleasurable one!

Get into shape with the help of highly qualified licensed dietitians combining Nutrition & Behavioral Therapy without taking away the pleasure of eating! Book you dietetic appointment and Get your personalized meal program designed by our Dietary Department to MEET YOUR GOALS!

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Our Health Restaurant & Boutique

Who says that every time you eat out you have to choose between two unimaginative choices: a tasteless meal or a plate full of calories and fat? Diet Delights came up with an innovative concept in the world of dinning in Lebanon, combining a fun time eating out with healthy scrumptious food. Diet Delights is both a café and a restaurant, where you may choose to come with your friends and family, on a date, or drop by on your own in a cozy pleasant atmosphere. Our menu is exceptionally various. To make your choices easy, we have divided our menu into the following:

• Lebanese Breakfast Delights
• Continental Breakfast Delights
• Breakfast Sandwiches
• Appetizers Delights
• Soups Delights
• Salads Delights
• Healthy Daily Delights
• Grilled Platters Delights
• Burgers Delights
• Sandwiches Delights
• Pastas Delights
• Pizzas Delights
• Guilt-Free Delights
• Oriental Delights
Next to each item on the menu you will find an accurate calories count to make your choices easier and, without a doubt, guilt-free.

A concept of Health Boutique at each branch distinguished by its nutritious and various food products! Pass by for a Dine-In experience or Take-Away! Delivery: A wide variety of freshly-prepared and delicious healthy meals right to your home or office! ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS GIVE US A RING! Service options:
  • Dine-in
  • Takeaway
  • Delivery

Diet Delights Fitness & Beauty Center

came up with an innovative concept in the world of dinning in Lebanon, combining a fun time eating out with healthy scrumptious food.

Reaction by Viora – bi-polar multi-RF CORE™ Technology aesthetic device, featuring vacuum therapy, offers quick, safe treatments for various conditions, with optimal clinical results.

It is a safe non-invasive technique modeling body circumferences through:

✅️ Cellulite treatment

✅️ Fat reduction

✅️ Skin tightening

✅️ Collagen production stimulation

✅️ Lymphatic drainage

with absolutely noticeable results from the first session

Reaction treats a multitude of body areas: Arms, Abdomen, Flanks, Hips, Buttocks & Thighs.

Get your LEANER, FIRMER & YOUTHFUL appearance NOW by booking your Reaction session at Tohme Kharrat Medical Center – TKMC:

📞 +961 71 713 671

📍Forty Four Tower, Block B, 5th floor, Dekwaneh

Laser hair removal, we can no longer live without it!

Now available at Tohme Kharrat Medical Center. Book your appointment, undergo pain free laser hair removal with our LightSheer diode laser & Experience immediate results!

LightSheer treats any skin type, causes minimal pain, and has fast treatment times.

Made in USA by Lumenis

📞 Call us now on +961 71 713 671

📍 Tohme Kharrat Medical Center, Forty Four Tower, Block B, 5th floor, Dekwaneh

Welcome to the world of Justfit Technology.Welcome to the future!

Justfit Technology -a patented wireless EMS technology (patent filed)- delivers the future to your home or fitness studio

Being a global innovation, this technology takes training experience to a whole new level

The basis of Justfit training is known from medical rehabilitation: the muscles are stimulated with low-frequency electric impulse.

With Justfit there are no boundaries, since the user has the freedom of motion with the wireless technology

Another great advantage of the EMS is that:

Calories are not only burned during the training session, but also on the 3rd-4th day after the training!

Justfit Training – Sample Programs

  • Cardio training
  • Massage training
  • Strength training
  • Manual training

Nowadays, a little percentage of the population pursue a physically active lifestyle.

Most common excuses are lack of time, lack of motivation if unsuccessful, pain, injury or other physical limitation.


Justfit training consists of 2 20 minute sessions per week

Immediate and visible changes on the body

Efficiently applicable in the case of injuries and pains

Aesthetic aspects

Cellulite Treatment: EMS tonifies the connecting tissue and induces blood circulation

Activation of Metabolism: An increase in the number of active muscle fibers improve metabolism

Circulatory stimulation, Massage: Blood circulation of the entire body tissue is enhanced. It also promotes the activity of the lymphatic system

Weight and Fat loss

Psychological effects

Psychological aspects such as mood, motivation, feelings, etc. are of utmost importance when starting and later pursuing EMS sessions.

Mood, Motivation

Better body posture

Stress and load resistance

Appetite control

Reduced urinary incontinence symptoms

Pain relief

Back pain relief – it is the most common cause of incapacity to work

Eat Healthy & Stay Fit!

Book your private session with our certified Personal Trainer

Experience a full body workout in ONLY 20 min and get your body in shape with the EMS Fitness Training

Diet Delights



The main aim for the companies is to provide their employees with healthy food and healthy eating behavior = for a better well-being and quality of life which will INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY

Kids Delights

No time to prepare healthy food for your little ones? Struggling with picky eaters? Subscribe now to our Kids Delights School Box program to be delivered to your doorstep by calling any of our branches
  • Fresh
  • Nutritious
  • Flavorful
  • Free of artificial ingredients nor artificial sweeteners