In the following documents the words “we” and/or “us” shall refer to Diet Delights Nutrition Center; whereas the term “ you” or “yours” shall refer to the Client.

Subscription process

In order to keep you satisfied, once you have selected the meal program of your choice, Diet Delights shall process the order and you shall receive your first meal 2 working days after your payment date.

You shall fill in your menu selections for the whole period of subscription.

Please note that the menu selection and/or any modification in the meals need to be submitted upon subscription or 2 working days prior to your scheduled delivery; In case of a scheduled food box delivery without a menu selection returned from your side on time, we apologize to inform you that your menu will be filled out by our production line dietitian in a random manner based on your medical file only.

Subscription Period & Validity

A minimum subscription period of 5 days is mandatory for any chosen meal program. All boxes should be utilized within a period of 2 months from the payment date.

Changes & Freezing of deliveries

You shall inform us 2 working days ahead of any changes/freezing in the schedule of your deliveries by contacting our customer care department. Freezing of deliveries is only applicable to the whole day and not to individual meals.

Payments and Renewal

Payment and renewal shall always be done 2 working days prior to the expected delivery date for the whole period of subscription.

Payment only accepted in cash. Renewal of membership and corresponding payment is done upon coordination with the customer care department.

In case you were not reachable and/or payment was not performed on time, your subscription will be automatically interrupted until further notice.


Delivery timings will be provided to you within an estimated time frame depending on the delivery zone. Delivery of the food box takes place a day prior to meals consumption, food  will  be  packaged  in  individual  containers,  assembled  in  carton boxes and delivered through a refrigerated vehicle. Once a package is delivered to the address of y our choice, Diet Delights is  no  longer  responsible for any damages in the box. In case the food box was not delivered to you on the expected day, kindly contact our customer care service department.

Since we do not deliver on Sunday, kindly note that you will be receiving on Saturday 2 food boxes (depending on the number of boxes your are subscribed to per week).You will be given a choice to pick-up your box from our branches for more convenience.

Food Handling

Once you have received your food, it is y our responsibility to ensure that it is handled safely.

Food must be stored in a refrigerator and heating/re-heating tips must be followed closely.

Proper food  handling  and  safety instructions are to be applied. Make sure to consume the food within 3 days from the delivery date to ensure food safety.

Diet delights shall not be responsible for any case of food poisoning that is due to negligence or inappropriate following of instructions. We shall only  be responsible for the food in the condition in which it leaves our facility  since all the food safety measures are applied and verified within our food premises.

Allergies and medical conditions

It is your responsibility to report any allergies, intolerances or medical conditions to your dietitian, failure to do so may affect your safety.

Diet Delights shall not be responsible for any medical/physical outcomes due to the lack or inaccurate reporting of the client.

Program cancelation and refund

We aim to provide you with the highest satisfaction, however if you wish to cancel your subscription, for any reason, you are expected to notify us of cancelations within a minimum of 2 working day s. In such case you will be provided with a refund of the days that have not yet been delivered  to your doorstep, however we reserve the right to charge you with a penalty of 30% on the original amount of subscribed package given that our service involves a full advance payment.

Kindly send your cancelations request to our customer care department.

Contact Us

To manage your subscriptions or for any inquiries, please contact us

Monday through Friday from 8 am till 5pm; Saturdays 8am till 2pm; our offices are closed on Sundays, Email:care@dietdelightscenter.com,

Phone number: 04 710 510 – 70 191 000


It is essential that the client is committed to follow the dietitian’s prescription or guidelines to achieve an optimal outcome.The production of our food aims to abide by dietary guidelines set by reliable institutions in order to contain the rise in chronic diseases; however, it cannot guarantee the cure or treatment of disease as that requires the direct supervision of a physician.

You acknowledge the fact that we are delivering your food to a location set by yourself; therefore, we do not take any liabilities for lost, stolen or tampered food due to mishandling. We are not liable for any illness that may occur from the food consumed while on the program, especially if resulting  from customer negligence.We  accept  no liability for any problem that may occur as a result of eating, storing, and preparing our food  in  your  household. We also are not responsible for  the  food consumption of people other than yourself. At last, liability is excluded entirely in case of customer negligence.

Individuals with life threatening allergies, celiac disease or metabolic diseases  that involve inborn errors and that require manipulation of ingredients and specific nutrients with no room for trace amounts shall not be admitted to the programs. We accept no liability due to failure to report any medical condition, and particularly the above mentioned.

Change of Terms

We reserve the right to change some or all of these conditions and terms. In case of any changes, new terms and conditions shall be published and distributed to our clientele.